The Beginning

Permalink Strangely I have never notice their light fittings till today!! The same lights I plan to install in my room!! Must be becos today my distraction ain’t there #whatiseeeveryday
Permalink Getting heal the natural way!! 1 cup of juice and shots of wheatgrass!! #everydayfood #naturalhealing
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DIY Easy Lavender Oil Bottle Necklace Tutorial from Sincerely, Kinsey. You could always take this tutorial and substitute your favorite essential oil. All supplies available at your craft store or market.
Permalink The Storm before the Heavy Downpour #whatiseeeveryday #storm
Permalink Sambal Udang Petai - Tempeh, Fried Organic Tofu, Fresh Petai from Bintan (brought from a roadside stall, mostly likely freshly picked), Prawns and loads of chili balance out by palm sugar and fresh squeeze of lime and not forgetting lime leaves!! #everydayfood #traveltales
Permalink Fun Fact - Run plain water off the Durian Husk to wash your hand and it would help eliminate the lingering Durian smell - works like magic!! #whatiseeeveryday #traveltales #durian #funfacts
Permalink When you find a Durian bigger than your head, it gets everybody curious = ) happy days #whatiseeeveryday #traveltales #durian
Permalink Once again, I m stuck behind the back of the truck out on the open road. Think I ll have no problem hitch hiking ever!! #whatiseeeveryday #traveltales #hitchhiking
Permalink And the 1 and only Fruit is mine!!! #everydayfood #traveltales #durian